Germany Declares new global arms control program

Not related to Kostenlose Erotik – Foreign Minister Heiko Maas has declared a German-led initiative on international disarmament. He cautioned that technologically advanced weaponry will probably change from science fiction to”deadly reality”

In a meeting with the daily Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung, Maas said,”Our principles will need to keep up with the technological advancements of new kinds of arms.

“I’m also considering completely automatic weapons programs which may kill completely independent of human management,” he explained. Space-based weapons and missiles that could travel several times faster than the speed of audio may seem like science fiction now, but will become”mortal fact,” he added.

Concrete specifics concerning the German initiative stay unknown.

Maas’ statement came six months after US President Donald Trump announced he’d be carrying the US from their Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty with Russia. Signed in 1987 together with the then Soviet Union, the arms control treaty summarized the removal of land-based mid-range missiles and launchers.



In his statement, Trump complained that Russia was violating the treaty.

China isn’t a signatory to the INF treaty, and analysts thought that US want to cancel Chinese missile buildup played a part in Trump’s decision.

Maas also pointed out China’s lack from present disarmament initiatives.

“There are holes in a few of the present principles,” he stated, adding that these enable China build up its arms without any supervision.

Maas also declared that NATO foreign ministers would talk the standing of the INF treaty for a coming meeting in Brussels on December 4, with the intent of winning support from European partners to get new international arms control steps.